How to renovate your bathroom yourself? The first stage is preparation. You should start by dismantling the bathtub and sink, even if you do not plan to replace them. The next stage is removing the old tiles, and cleaning the ceiling, walls, and floor. If the walls were not tiled, but simply painted, then complete removal of the paint is necessary. Otherwise, the adhesive solution or new paint composition will not adhere well to the surface.

During renovation work, dismantling is a very important step. The main thing is not to rush, do everything carefully so as not to damage the base when removing the old finish, since all surface defects will have to be corrected later.

1. Rough finish

The next stage of cosmetic renovation of the bathroom after dismantling is rough, or preliminary, finishing. If you need to line the walls with drywall, you should first tackle the floor. Its repair consists of laying a waterproofing layer and pouring screed. If you plan to level the wall panels with putty or plaster, you need to repair the floor after finishing the walls.

The waterproofing layer is obtained by treating the floor surface with epoxy resins or laying thick polyethylene film before pouring the screed. Having dealt with the floor, you should build boxes hiding the plumbing communications, and install plasterboard partitions. If the ceiling is suspended or suspended, it is necessary to make a frame for it. Completion of the rough finishing stage is the removal of construction waste.

2. Finishing

During the finishing process, the facing material is installed. As a rule, the sequence of work is as follows: laying tiles on the walls, tiling the floor, and installing a stretch or suspended ceiling. The order of actions during the finishing process cannot be changed - the ceiling should be done last.

After the preparatory stage of cosmetic renovation of the bathroom has been carried out and the surfaces have been leveled, they begin to lay ceramic tiles on the walls or cover them with PVC panels. Work should start from the top corner. This guarantees the greatest savings in material since all the pieces and remnants in this case will end up at the bottom, where they are not very noticeable.

3. Equipment installation

The cosmetic renovation is already nearing completion, and the appearance of the bathroom begins to match the desired one. If the recommended sequence of repair work has been followed, then by the stage of equipment installation the finishing of the room has already been completed, and only the plumbing, sewer, and wire outlets remain open. Now the toilet, bathtub, glass shower doors, electrical appliances and lamps, mirrors, and pieces of furniture are being installed in place according to the developed project. 

It is recommended to fasten the toilet by screwing it to a wooden base firmly mounted to the floor. This is necessary because the toilet is used by people of different weights, which can cause it to become loose over time. A wooden base helps prevent this process. The installation of the sink must be preceded by the installation of the faucet. Attaching it later will take a lot of work.

A lamp is often installed by the developer. However, its design doesn't always correspond to the chosen style of bathroom design. Therefore, feel free to replace the lamp. If you want to decorate it in an original way by making lamps on the walls, then think about how you will install them in advance.

Installing light sources above the bathtub is undesirable, since water may get on them. Even waterproof lampshades cannot guarantee safety in this case. Electrical appliances should always be installed away from water.

4. Final touches

Details are very important in the interior of a room. They form the overall impression. How the space will be perceived depends largely on the accessories. If you choose them correctly, you can revive even the most modest renovation. It's a good idea to purchase a mat, bath curtain, towels, soap dish, and toothbrush cup in the same style. You won't have to spend a lot on this, but you will be able to transform the room.

You can also move the towel hooks to a different location for greater convenience and to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. A great idea is to replace the curtain under the bathtub with a screen. It is better to buy handles on furniture doors and other accessories in a single style that matches the developed concept.

If all repair work was carried out in stages, then the installation of decorative elements and arrangement of accessories would complete the cosmetic renovation of the bathroom. All that remains is to make the last effort - to clean the bathroom.