Hundreds of clichés and traditions that no one understands are still used in organizing weddings. This fear sits inside us as an archetype, and the main mistake when preparing for a wedding is to succumb to it. Below are the most common mistakes that couples make when preparing for their wedding.

1. Thinking a wedding is cheap

We're talking about the budget here. A wedding is quite an expensive event. If it is not possible to make a magnificent banquet, there is no need to despair, borrow, take out loans, or ruin your piggy bank. You just need to change the format. A beautiful dress, a professional wedding photographer  and videographer NJ, a small buffet and a ceremony at sunset, and then dancing and a cake with your closest loved ones - who said that a wedding in this format would be bad?

2. Following fashion, losing yourself

Everyone wants to be magical on their wedding day. The main thing is not to try too hard and not stop being yourself. If you have worn high-heeled shoes at least once in your life and then sat on a chair all evening, then you should not think that a miracle will happen on your wedding day and you will be very comfortable, and your gait will become light just because you are having a wedding. 

The same applies to the dress: if you are used to comfortable natural clothing, the corset, and huge rhinestones on a wedding dress may make you want to throw it off after just two hours. This doesn't mean that you are not destined to be a queen during this day - it means that you need to find comfortable shoes and provide replacement ones. This means that your dress should be loose-fitting, not restrict your movements, and not interfere with dancing.

3. Try to control everything on your own or not trust the organizer

You need to make a choice: either try to control everything or enjoy the holiday. People are designed in such a way that they remember exactly what they do. That is, you can remember from your wedding either the joy of having fun with the guests, dancing, romantic surprises and funny “bombs” from friends, or the difficulties of logistics, the lateness of the dancers, printing the script, problems with the hanging structure of the decorators, and constant calculations. The choice is yours.

The same applies to those who have chosen an organizer, pay them money, but don't allow them to work, wanting to receive a report on their slightest actions. Checks are good at the stage of choosing an organizer, but in the process, and especially at the wedding itself, shifting the focus to the organizing team while ignoring yourself, the guests, and what is happening here and now is a sure way to ruin your holiday.

4. Trying to do everything

Previously, a wedding day was more like a super quest: a lot of moving around the city, visiting strange places, a wedding, filming, and a restaurant. By lunchtime, the couple no longer had the strength to celebrate, it was even difficult to smile. This gives rise to horror stories about how difficult it is to survive a wedding day.

But now, all this is a relic of the past. An experienced organizer will define the timeline so that you only need to relax and enjoy. They will offer you options on how to structure your day so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. 

5. Get upset over trifles

Being upset about the weather or other small things that went wrong is a sign of immaturity and an internal belief that everything should be perfect for you. Not really, but ideally. But you should understand: this is your wedding, it is for you, it is about you, your couple, your feelings, and your desires. Of course, rain may not have been part of your plans, but if it can ruin your mood, then the issue is not the weather, but your mood. And you need to work with this and not despair.