A one-bedroom apartment in a Scandinavian style is an idea for a practical and cozy design of even the smallest apartments. This style involves the use of light shades, which allows you to enlarge the space visually. Therefore, it is perfect for small one-bedroom apartments, regardless of their layout. However, many people do not know the features of the style and implement their ideas, which can significantly worsen the apartment's appearance. In this article, we have gathered seven common mistakes that you should not make in a Scandinavian-style studio apartment

1. Vintage accessories

Any item should be connected with the apartment's atmosphere as a whole. Therefore, it is possible to use some old things taken from grandma's chest or antiques. However, don't use all of them at once and choose wisely. Let it be only one antique decoration on an exclusive silver tray or a single piece of vintage furniture.

2. Linoleum

No matter how convenient linoleum is, it is not in demand for stylized interior design. It is also not suitable for the Scandinavian style. Even if you choose a pattern in the form of wooden boards or parquet, such material will not fit into the overall atmosphere. Only natural wood allows you to feel the warmth truly. When planning a kitchen design in Scandinavian style, you can also use a special wooden covering instead of ceramic tiles.

3. Free eclecticism

Mixing elements of different styles in an apartment is not an easy task, which only true specialists in design art can accomplish. It is very difficult to maintain a style combining elements from different eras and trends. After all, it is enough to give in to desire and bring something you like into the environment, and the harmony is already broken. Therefore, when decorating even a one-bedroom apartment, the professional experience of designers and decorators is necessary.

4. Excessive stucco

The main thing is not to overdo the apartment in a Scandinavian style with patterns and decorations. Regardless of the height of the ceiling and the size of the room, the Scandinavian style does not accept cornices, caissons, rosettes, or any other stucco molding. 

When decorating a one-bedroom apartment in this style, you can only use a ceiling plinth, and the simpler it looks, the better. This may seem unusual to you, but Scandinavians prefer not even to install floor plinths. They only mask the boundary between the wall and the floor. This technique is considered an extreme manifestation of constructiveness in the Scandinavian style.

5. Bright curtains

Scandinavian style does not imply the use of curtains and drapes. Nothing should block sunlight, so simple white frames are enough to decorate the windows of a one-bedroom apartment. However, in sunny climates, curtains can be used. At the same time, they should be selected with special care. 

It is better to avoid all options like colorful tulle or frills with lambrequins. Instead, pay attention to roller blinds, and also take a closer look at heavy, solid, thick-colored curtains. It is worth adding that in a Scandinavian-style apartment, you can use a cornice. However, it should only be attached to the wall, not the ceiling.

6. An old-fashioned chandelier

If you like the model of an ultra-modern lamp, take it! A one-bedroom apartment in a Scandinavian style should reflect the newest and most modern ideas: lampshades made of bent plywood, copper shades, and glass lamps with futuristic patterns. Also suitable are lamps made in a classic style but made from inexpensive modern materials such as plastic or aluminum.

7. Wrong carpet

The Scandinavian style was born in harsh climates, and its image was created by following clear rules. To do this, large patterns with clear repeating motifs are used in the interior of an apartment. A rug that doesn't match the style will ruin the picture's integrity. To soften sharp corners and dilute straight lines, the floor of a one-bedroom apartment in the Scandinavian style should be covered with suitable carpets.